Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How far is Historic Chulitna River Lodge from Denali National Park?

A. We are located at Milepost 156.2 on George Parks Highway, inside the Denali State Park. We are approximately 80 miles south of the Denali National Park Visitor Center. On a clear day, our property offers a breathtaking view of Denali summit! HCRL is 21 miles from Denali View South Campgrounds and 6.5 miles from Denali View North Campgrounds. For more information, see Paragraph 04 at Denali viewpoints. See also: Denali View South website and Denali View North website.

For more information about the Denali State Park, click here: Park Brochure 

Q. What is the physical address of HCRL and will Apple or Google maps take me there?

A. The physical address is 28951 N Parks Hwy, Trapper Creek, AK 99683, and yes, Apple or Google maps will take you there!

Q. How many cabins are available at HCRL, and what is a brief description of each?

A. There are currently 6 dwellings available to rent and Bunker Lodge has the common areas for all guests: 

  • Anna's 2-Story: 2 queen beds, 1 king bed, and 2 sofa sleepers (cots available upon request); sleeps 8-10 comfortably; 2 full bathrooms; laundry facilities; full kitchen; dining area; great room w/large picture windows; den/bedroom; dry sauna w/shower; 
  • Shunem Cottage: 1 queen bed; sleeps 2 people; private bathroom; access to 2 full baths in common area of Bunker Lodge
  • Bunker Lodge Apartment: 2 queen beds; sleeps 4; private bathroom; access to 2 full baths in common area of Bunker Lodge
  • Primitive Cabin-Lake View: 1 queen bed; sleeps 2; access to 2 full baths in common area of Bunker Lodge; self-contained hand washing sink
  • Primitive Cabin-Denali View: 2 beds (full & twin); sleeps 3; outdoor privy (toilet); access to 2 full baths in common area of Bunker Lodge; self-contained hand washing sink (across highway from main property)
  • Primitive Cabin-Rapha: 2 loft beds; sleeps 2; access to 2 full baths in common area of Bunker Lodge (next door);  self-contained hand washing sink
  • Bunker Lodge: common areas including two full bathrooms; laundry facilities; dining area; full kitchen; sunroom/meeting room w/coffee pot, office desk, and printer

Q. What is the Eagle's Nest?

A. The Eagle's Nest is a one-room observation room atop Anna's 2-Story cabin, which gives a fantastic view of Denali summit on clear days. It has a sofa sleeper and musical instruments for a relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of Ermine Lake, Denali, and the entire HCRL property.

Q. If I cancel my reservation, will I be given a refund?

A. Yes. Our policy is that all prepayments are refundable if the reservation is cancelled.

Q. Can we see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from Historic Chulitna River Lodge?

A. YES! HCRL offers a fantastic view of them. You can go to auroraforecast.com to watch for the probability of seeing them.

Q. What kind of activities are nearby?

A. Hiking; hunting; fishing; snowmobiling, to name a few.

  • Ermine Trailhead is less than 1/2 mile north and a beautiful trail to hike; 
  • snow machines are popular in the area; 
  • fishing is a popular sport in nearby rivers; 
  • hunting is also popular throughout Alaska.

Q. Are guided tours, hunts, and excursions available?

A. Yes. We partner with Ryan Butler of Alaska Adventure Guides in Anchorage. He can be reached at alaskaadventureguides.com, on Facebook, or at 907-302-0245.

Q. What is the nearest town?

A. HCRL is a remote off-grid property located approximately 35-40 minutes from Trapper Creek where you have fuel stations, a post office, and a grocery store. Talkeetna, a tourist town with restaurants, a local history museum, coffee shop, and some shopping is approximately one hour away. 

Alaska Welcome Book by Anna Holdings LLC